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Investing and Building Blockchain Based
Investment Products

For investors interested in cryptocurrency,
Wallex has several choices for gaining exposure to cryptocurrency markets.

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We provide investors with a large range possibilities of exposure to the blockchain space. Investors can invest indirectly by using investment products that provide cryptocurrency exposure.

Who We Are

An investment firm, that specialises in Digital Asset investments.

Our team – developed in the financial markets, has decades of experience in building and refining sophisticated systems to focus on managing risk, capital allocation, security and trade management within the traditional financial markets

What we do

We build robust and resilient strategies to profit and adopt to digital assets, all within a strict and defined risk framework.

We utilise best practices from our collective experience in the highly competitive traditional markets and apply these to the nascent digital markets.

Investment Types

Trusted Cryptocurrencies

Investment in verified and trusted top cryptocurrencies, as BTC, ETH, Solana and others, for optimal returns

Experienced Management

Experienced and specialized cryptocurrency investments, by managing the portfolio combining short and long term positions

Cryptocurrency Exposure

Investment in cryptocurrencies, with a reliable and experienced asset manager, with 24/7 market overview